Born February 14, 1992 to Vista Benton and Ricardo Bill Bradley, CardoBe aka CB knew he wanted to be a music artist since the 5th grade. His primary motivation for being an artist is his family as he has 2 sisters and 1 brother on his Mom’s side and 3 sisters and 1 brother on his Dad’s side. Growing up in a single mother household influenced CB to want to strive and grind towards goals and to give back.

He gives credit to his older brother Theo who rapped around the house spitting smart metaphors and rhymes. This encouraged him to move forward in his music career once he noticed how it gave him an outlet to not only be heard but able to help and relate to people.  At the age of 11, he began writing songs and enjoyed the process. It was at this moment he knew he had talent as a rapper.

One of the first official songs he recorded was with a group he was a part of for 4 years named ‘Junior Rated’ called “Trippy.” Yet he recalls in the 5th grade writing a remix to Mary J Blige ‘Family Affairs.’ All of this led him to pursuing his music career seriously.

CB stresses the importance of putting yourself first, staying up to par with yourself and to not put yourself last . He recalls when graduating from high school a female classmate passed away tragically and this molded him to be an artist that doesn’t take life for granted, live life doing what makes you happy and to express and promote the importance of living life to the fullest

This principle he lives by is why CB can be described as a Multi-Faceted Artist who not only caters to an underground audience with his authentic, grimy, savage, hard and no filter word play but as well as a crossover to mainstream media with his strong writing skills. Creating catchy sing along hits that can explode on the charts and brave enough to create vulnerable, open and motivation music that anyone whether for themselves or in a relationship can gravitate and relate to is what CB is all about.

Some of his musical influences include Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil Wayne, T.I, Ludacris, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Ty Dolla Sign, Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, R. Kelly, Speaker Knockers and Young Butta.


His whole Zone Movement motto is

being able to keep that tunnel vision towards achieving one’s endeavors

and is for that everyday person striving towards a goal where all odds are against them but distractions aiming to throw them off their focus are present.

Presently, CB is taking a huge move towards his career by moving to a new city to build his brand, not only as an artist but acting, music video screen writing and directing.

CB will not be limited or put into a box as his talents go far and wide with more than one style.

An artist who expresses gratitude for his Grandma, family, friends and his fans aka “Zoners” that support and believe in him, one wouldn’t doubt that the higher power that leads him has something in store for us from this talented artist CB